Multimedia designer, youtuber and illustrator. Creating and helping others create meaningful content on the internet. Based in Vienna.

2015 — currently

Host and creator / nixelpixel, youtube channel about feminism and social justice

With over 300 independently produced videos, half a million of subscribers and more than 60M views on YouTube, I am recognized as one of the most influential bloggers and feminist figures in Russia and was invited to speak at activist conferences by Prague Civil Society, UNESCO and the United Nations. Recently labeled as 'foreign agent' by the Russian state for my support of Ukraine and LGBTIQA+ advocacy.

dec 2022 — sep 2023

Video editor / DOXA, independent media opposing war, dictatorship and inequality

Helped re-launch YouTube channel and establish presence as a source of in-depth explainer videos about politics and culture. Filmed and edited videos while also helping with scripts, design, strategy and SMM.

aug 2022 — jul 2023

Social media designer / Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice

Created visual content for Instagram, informing community members about the Foundation's harm reduction and fundraising initiatives. Offered guidance regarding inclusive language.

feb 2016 — dec 2017

Copywriter / Instinct, BBDO Group advertising agency

Developed and executed 360-degree advertising campaigns with clients like Nike, IKEA, Yandex, MEGA, Yota. Learned a lot.

These are my main skills:


I'm currently open for new work opportunities and would love to step out of my comfort zone and learn new things! found a job hehe but open for freelance

P.S. I also make and sell tufted art, to take my mind off the internet.

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