May 1st is a day dedicated to labor and international solidarity for all workers.

On this day, we reflect on labor rights, discussing how we can support one another, address violations of these rights, and shed light on the often unnoticed contributions of workers.

The significance of labor rights has been heightened during the pandemic, as many have lost their jobs, leaving them uncertain about where to turn for assistance. It is a time when a heavy responsibility rests on those individuals who, at the risk of their own health, continue to ensure our well-being by providing essential services. We are referring to healthcare professionals, grocery store employees, couriers, delivery workers, volunteers, and social service providers.

In collaboration with activist and artist Daria Serenko, we have crafted a special greeting card for couriers (#открытка_для_курьера). This card can be easily created by anyone and presented as a token of appreciation.

Here's how you can participate and why it matters:

  1. Print the card on standard paper or unleash your creativity by designing your own version (if you have acquaintances among couriers, you can share the template with them online).
  2. In the card's message, we've left a blank space for the recipient's name. Many major courier services now provide the names of their delivery personnel, emphasizing the importance of recognizing each individual's identity. However, if the name is unknown, feel free to omit this part.
  3. COVID alert! Remember to prioritize hygiene. To ensure the safety of couriers, print and complete the card after thoroughly washing your hands with soap.
  4. Present the card to your courier with a friendly message, such as: "I'd like to offer you this card in appreciation of your hard work! Would that be alright?" Be understanding if they decline.
  5. The card includes contact information for organizations dedicated to safeguarding labor rights, including those advocating for the rights of migrant workers. This inclusion is a crucial aspect of our card, as individuals employed by large corporations may not be aware of where to seek assistance.
  6. "Why not provide a tip? Wouldn't financial assistance be more valuable?" Many services now offer the option to provide tips online, which we fully endorse. Feel free to utilize this convenient method of showing your appreciation. Physical currency, such as cash and coins, can potentially carry germs, including viruses.